Vodka-Infused Melon Balls
These vodka-infused melon balls are naturally sweetened! They’re soaked in a bath of vodka, pear juice and coconut sugar. Perfect for your next party!
Vodka Infused Melon Balls - perfect for your parties! by @healthynibs

Seven years ago, I had no problems downing shots of cheap vodka, as long as I could take a sip of soda right afterwards. Always soda. The fizzy bubbles helped scrub away the taste of regret that still lingered in my mouth. Those were desperate college times. Things have changed since I’ve gotten longer in the tooth though. Now, I prefer my vodka in a cocktail glass and drink it with my pinky up in the air. Just kidding…but not kidding.

Vodka Infused Melon Balls - perfect for your parties! by @@healthynibs

The very first time I heard about vodka-infused fruits, I thought I found the best thing since sliced bread. Getting tipsy off eating fresh fruit or taking a vodka shot that feels like it’ll burn my stomach? The choice was pretty simple.

I’ve come to realize that even the most unimaginative people will unleash their creativity when they’re thinking of ways to spike fruit. Some of my friends tried carving out a hole in a watermelon and sticking a bottle of vodka in the opening. Others have taken the care to inject alcohol into grapes. Those experiments don’t always come out right, but I must give them brownie points for their creativity. (P.S. I swear my friends aren’t alcoholics.)

Well, it’s almost that time of the year when we all find an excuse to eat and drink outdoors. I’ve got you covered. Instead of bringing another case of beer or bottle of wine to your next gathering, why not bring this adult treat that your friends will thank you for?

Vodka Infused Melon Balls - perfect for your parties! by @healthynibs

The assembly is quite simple. All you need are some melons, a melon baller, vodka, juice, and a tiny bit of sugar. I wanted these melons to be naturally sweetened, so I used pear juice and coconut sugar. I chose pear juice because it is much more neutral in flavor compared to other types of juices and it won’t overpower the natural flavors of the melons. But feel free to mix in another one of your favorite juices if you like!


Vodka-Infused Melon Balls

NATURALLY-SWEETENED Vodka Infused Melon Balls - this refreshing dessert is infused with pear juice and coconut sugar. Perfect for a picnic or BBQ!
  • Author: Lisa Lin
  • Prep Time: 20 minutes
  • Cook Time: 2 hours
  • Total Time: 2 hours 20 minutes
  • Yield: Serves 8 to 10


  • 1 small watermelon
  • 1 honeydew
  • 1 cantaloupe
  • 1 orange flesh melon* (or any other melon)
  • 1 cup vodka
  • 1 1/4 cups (300ml) pear juice
  • 4 TBS coconut sugar (or regular sugar)
  • one spring of fresh mint leaves (optional)
  • one sprig of fresh basil (optional)


  1. Cut each melon in half and scrape out the seeds. Using a melon baller, scoop out melon balls. To make perfectly round balls, press the baller on the melon flesh a little before scooping. There will be some pieces towards the bottom that won’t be perfect, but that’s okay. They still taste fine! Mix all the melon balls in a big bowl.
  2. In a small bowl, stir the vodka and pear juice together. Add the sugar and stir until well combined.
  3. Remove the mint and basil leaves from the stem and place them in the bowl with the melons. Pour the vodka mixture over the melons and stir. Cover the bowl with plastic wrap and refrigerate for an hour.
  4. Give the melons another stir after an hour to make sure they’re covered in vodka. Refrigerate for at least another hour.
  5. Serve in small bowls or cups. If you want to refrigerate this overnight, be sure to dig out the mint and basil leaves first.


NUTRITION INFORMATION: Amount for 1/10 of Recipe: Calories: 212, Total Fat 0.6g, Saturated Fat: 0g, Sodium: 41.2mg, Cholesterol: 0mg, Total Carbohydrate: 40.6g, Dietary Fiber: 2.7g, Sugar: 37g, Protein 2.5g

  1. *An orange flesh melon is a cross between a honeydew and a cantaloupe.
  2. The vodka mixture might not cover all the melons in the beginning, but over time, most of the melon balls will sink below the liquid.
  3. Save the leftover juice for another delicious cocktail!

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Vodka Infused Melon Balls - naturally sweetened, refreshing dessert for your parties! by @healthynibs
Vodka Infused Melon Balls - naturally sweetened, refreshing dessert for your parties! by @healthynibs

66 thoughts on “Vodka-Infused Melon Balls

  1. Traci | Vanilla And Bean

    Hehe.. Awh, yes, the creative ways to get alcohol in the system…. This is a fabulous recipe, Lisa! I am so looking forward to getting my hands on a melon baller and some melon! It makes a beautiful presentation and offers one a bit of a surprise, for the unaware! This will be perfect for a hot summer day! Thank you, my dear!

  2. Meme

    Yes! Just yes! I love anything boozy and this is great 🙂
    I did something similar last year with tequila but I love the idea of vodka and melons. This will be perfect for the balmy, hot summer!

  3. Julia

    The visual of someone sticking an actual bottle of vodka inside a watermelon is just priceless! I’ve never infused fruit with alcohol but am absolutely up for the idea. One of my friends infused gummy bears with vodka back in college, which lemmejusttellyou was amazeballs. I’ll have to hop on these infused melon balls aka best balls evah! 😉

  4. Eileen

    Ooh, yes please! These would be the best-ever snack for a bbq on a hot afternoon. Although I think it might be a good plan to also bring some non-spiked melon balls in case of children! 🙂

    1. Lisa Post author

      Oh no, I think I missed Tipsy Tuesday! I’m so sorry about that, Pam! Next time I make a drink, I’ll be sure to stop by!

  5. Chicory App

    This is one of the coolest thing I’ve seen people do with melons so far!
    We love your blog and recipes. Are you interested in becoming a Chicory Recipe Partner?

  6. Maggie

    Awe! Those are really cute. Colorful and refreshing dish for summer. Plus, I love everything contains booze inside 😉

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  8. Mary @ The Kitchen Paper

    Hellllls yes!! Clearly I’m on board with the booziest thing I ran across upon thoroughly scouring your site … Is that any surprise? (Um, no. No it is not). Hope you made it home safe and sound!! xo

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  11. Amy Box

    If you wanted these around for a while – say as wedding favors – would you refrigerate or just strain the juice and bottle them with it? Thanks for the great idea!

    1. Lisa Post author

      Amy, much apologies for the delayed response!! Because you’re dealing with cut up melons here, I don’t know if they’ll keep for more than a few days and still look fresh. I think refrigeration alone will be fine, but adding the juice will allow the fruit to continue infusing with the vodka. Hope this helps!!

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  17. Elizabeth

    Genius! My melons were sweet so I didn’t need the sugar. Might even add an extra splash of vodka next time hehe. Thanks for the recipe! 🙂


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